9/11 Heroes Among Us

Sitting in a strawberry juice bar atop the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, I saw what appeared to be an action flick on the small television set across the room. Unlike any action film I’ve experienced with an audience, this one was not garnering its patrons with a sense of awe and entertainment. Things were very quickly feeling real at that moment, and when the second plane hit, this little place had become eerily quiet. I don’t even think glances were passed from one to another. Just quiet… I imagined the entire world felt the same.

A real sense of safety was taken from the entire world on 9/11. It may have been a day true evil was witnessed, but the human spirit was not broken. Everyone was helping each other get through the crisis. Heroes were no longer something given to the likes of fiction, they were people like you and I. Below is an amazing little documentary about some of those unsung heroes. There was so much happening during 9/11 that I don’t think many people even knew of the great feats these men and women came together to do to evacuate Lower Manhattan.

The boatlift of 9/11 was the largest sea evacuation in history with nearly 500,000 people evacuated from Lower Manhattan in less than 9 hours.

This is one of those great heroic stories that reminds us that even when the world is crumbling around us courage and kindness still shine through the dark times.

Robert Ring