Barbie Trailer is Brilliant

When the Barbie movie was first announced years ago I thought it could be interesting. I wasn’t sold on Amy Schumer being the lead. It feels like that version of the film was going to be more about her not looking as slim as the other models and doing her typical schtick. We saw this movie from her already in I Feel Pretty. It’s not to say they needed a slim actress in the role, but they needed a better in for the film that is self deprecating without hitting the same boring notes that all of those types of films hit. A few years went by and Amy Schumer dropped out due to creative direction. My interest in the Barbie movie went from meh to must see when Greta Gerwig was attached to write and direct.

Greta Gerwig has been nominated for an Oscar for her screenplay in her last two films Lady Bird, and Little Women. She also directed the lead actress and supporting actress to Oscar nominations. Greta Gerwig is the modern Sofia Coppola. Even if Amy Schumer was still attached I’m sure Greta would have steered the film perfectly. The movie even feels like it has been cast perfectly with Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling in the leads as the most iconic dolls globally. With all the important pieces in place this movie should at least be successful.

The latest teaser trailer showed us this movie is going to be a mega hit.

The first teaser trailer didn’t give too much. It did give a hint of how smart this movie was going to be even though it is a Barbie movie. By parodying it to the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey there was clear intent that this was more than a cash grab. With the latest trailer we see just how well thought out the comedy is as it opens with Barbie stepping out of her high heels and still counting the Barbie doll arch in her feet. There’s some great wordplay that feels as though it’s coming from her time on Lady Bird.

These two teasers have given us a lot of tastes of the movie. We still don’t know what the story is about, apart from them trying to leave to the real world. They may not even leave the Barbie world and on their journey out it could be like Pleasantville where it just infinitely loops around without exit. The Barbie movie is going to make a lot of money worldwide. This is a property that our grandmothers were playing with as tikes. I wouldn’t think it will hit a billion dollars, but never say never.

What’s your excitement for the Barbie movie?

Robert Ring