Erased (2016)

I’ve started to take an interest in Anime. I’ve only seen a handful of them over the years although it was playing narrative-rich anime games that finally made me enjoy the genre. Thanks, Danganronpa and Yakuza! I did a quick browse of some good anime shows, and this one caught my eye. Little did I know, that I would find this show to be exceptional.


Erased is about a twenty-nine-year-old guy, Satoru. Satoru is a guy who’s been working a pizza delivery job while trying to make it as a manga artist. Satoru is also gifted with an ability he calls ‘Revival’. When he sees a blue butterfly move past him, he is taken back one to five minutes. In that time someone is going to die, and Satoru is the only one who can change the outcome if he is quick. Sometimes this will be detrimental to his health because he will throw himself on the line to save someone. By the end of the first episode, we see a tragic event happen that sends Satoru back to when he was ten years old. We find out when Satoru was ten; three girls were kidnapped and murdered over a couple of months. The serial killer is believed to be in the present, and for some reason, the ‘Revival’ has brought him back to try to change things, if he can.

Erased_2016 2

I watched Erased like a long movie across two nights. There are only twelve episodes, and the whole series can be viewed in under five hours. Whenever I see Anime, for the most part, the style seems absurd and unbelievable. However, in Erased the story feels real and natural, even with time travel as a significant factor. It can jump from cute and romantic, to suspenseful at the drop of a hat.

If you’re still on the fence, think Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl with school kids, time travel and a serial killer. The show can currently be found on Netflix in Australia and the UK, and Hulu in the US.

Robert Ring


Gone Girl

On the day of Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne’s (Rosamund Pike) fifth wedding anniversary, Amy, or “Amazing Amy”, as her parents proclaim in the series of books they have made about her throughout her life disappears. Nick comes home to find the house ajar and it’s contents turned upside down. Where is Amy? What happened? Nick and Amy are two people who as Amy’s diary entry denotes as the perfect couple. Nick begins trying to solve the clues along with the police and look into the fanatics/stalkers of Amy’s fictional book character while also looking into the possibility of Nick himself being a suspect. I’ve read the book and it may still be my favourite book of all time and the movie transferred over without any faults. The mystery had me thinking one thing and feeling a certain way for the two lovers, halfway through those ideas and feelings twisted upside down as I learned more about the events that surround Amy’s disappearance. There isn’t much more that can be said about the plot without giving away one of the best mystery films we’ve seen in recent years.

The cast is solid. Ben Affleck as Nick is great, however his performance is overshadowed by Rosamund Pike who looked like she would win the Oscar this year until Juliane Moore just hit it out of the park with Still Alice that little bit more. The cinematography is beautiful throughout and it creates a dark atmosphere in the community where anything can happen. David Fincher was the perfect choice to bring an adaptation of Gone Girl to the screen without losing any of its tone and he makes it his own. If you’ve read the book I think you will love this one, and if you haven’t go in without knowing any more.

Gone Girl is a must see and you will even find yourself yelling at the characters!

4/5 – Stars for Gone Girl

Robert Ring